Maaru naam Pooja che. That is. My name is Pooja in Gujarati – my mother tongue, a dialect from India (which I cannot speak fluently, so don’t hold it against me!)


I was born and raised in the UK, however my parents and two of my grandparents were born in Kenya, one in Madagascar and the final, along with my ancestral history originate from India.

For many years, travelling to another country was pretty mind blowing to me. This changed in 2011, when I caught the travel bug – I guess it had to hit me at some point given the diversified background that runs within my family! 

I fell in love with travel because it allows me to connect with and experience different cultures. For me, the ultimate goal when travelling is to relate with the locals and really understand how it is to live in said destination.  

The life lessons you learn through travel are much more powerful than anything we are taught at school. I strongly believe that by combining the knowledge learnt from both, we are able to find our true purpose and achieve our highest potential.  


My life up to this day has been one of a wandering soul.

Never really fitting in anywhere in particular.

Hence my craving for adventure.

I’m all about sharing real life, unfiltered experiences and this is conveyed through the content and stories that I share with you.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my page and welcome you into my online tribe!

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