The Land of the Flying Fish

Barbados is often referred to as the ‘Little England of the Caribbean’ and whilst it may fall under the Caribbean region; being the easternmost island in the Caribbean it is in fact completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and not touched by the Caribbean Sea at all! Don’t let that put you off though, there are plenty of beaches boasting dreamy white sands and crystal blue seas to choose from.


Barbados is a great choice no matter what kind of trip you are looking; be it a family holiday, girls or lads trip, honeymoon or even as the location for a destination wedding. There are numerous day activities and evening entertainment options that will appeal to all ages. Truly get into the spirit of a Caribbean Carnival: Crop Over Festival, an island-wide party which celebrates the end of the sugar cane season spreads out over a 12-week period from the month of May. Every first Monday of August is known as ‘kadooment day’. 

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GMT -4hrs

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Barbados Dollar, US dollars also widely accepted

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Flight Time

Approx. 9 hours