City of Gold

What was once a barren desert land is now seen as one of the most luxurious epicentres of the world, having transformed itself into an Arabian success story through a mixture of commodities and business acumen to create ‘a playground for the rich and famous.’ 

The hospitality received throughout Dubai is second to none and whether you’re there for a family holiday, friends’ holiday, wedding or honeymoon, this will only add to the charm of your stay. 


Delve into the history, admire the world-famous landmarks, splash your cash on Gold or designer items, relax on the beach or in the spa or spend a night under stars… Dubai truly has it all!  


Consider adding Dubai as part of a multicentre or stopover destination when travelling further afield.

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GMT +4hrs

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United Arab Emirates Dirham

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Flight Time

Approx. 7.5 hours