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Updated: Oct 13

A moment of mindfulness: Visualisation Meditation

One of my favourite forms of meditation is visualisation. This technique incorporates a specific focus on something – a concept, place, object etc… and has the power to transform our mood through the power of focusing the human mind fused with some imagination. It is an effective technique to relieve stress and encourage creativity.

Whilst our travel plans are mostly up in the air at the moment, there is nothing to stop us from reminiscing about previous holidays or dreaming about the next adventure! So, here’s a little something to transport yourself away from reality for a little while* and hopefully calm those itchy feet.

*I would recommend allowing a minimum of 10 minutes for this exercise, sitting or lying in a comfortable position, keeping your spine elongated. Eyes may be open, half-open or closed.

First of all, let’s set the scene. Imagine your ideal destination. It can be somewhere you have already been or somewhere you dream to visit one day.

For the purpose of this exercise, I will go through the motions of standing on a beach and sitting by a waterfall, but feel free to let your imagination run wild to wherever your happy place may be.

Standing on the beach, in front of you, what do you see? As the waves drift back and forth, observe how the sand dampens, just as quickly as it dries back up again in the heat. Above the skies are blue and the edge of the beach is dotted with swaying palm trees. Can you feel the radiance of the sun, spreading warmth over your body? Perhaps there’s a slight breeze in the air. Feel the sand beneath your toes, depending on whereabouts you’re standing, note the texture of the sand moulded around the base of your feet. Listen to the sound of the waves, as they gently caress the shoreline. Are you alone on the beach? In the distance, you may hear the sound of others splashing around in the water. Breathe in the salty air, the smell of sun cream on your skin. As you take a deep inhale you can practically taste the saltiness of the ocean

girl sitting on Grand Anse  beach in Grenada Caribbean

Take in the numerous hues of greens, yellows and browns that surround you. Watch the water trickle down into the pool below, observing the bounce of water droplets as they hit the base, where you are situated. A wavy reflection in the water stares back at you. Perhaps there are some birds or butterflies flying around. The sun is warm, but the abundance of trees provides a cooling shade. Sitting on the edge of the pool, the earth under your bottom. Feel the water spraying onto you as it cascades down the into the base. Your feet are dangling into the pool of water, which is circling around your calves. Listen to the rush of flowing water, dropping from the waterfall like a shower. Tune in to the sounds of nature, perhaps there are birds singing in the distance or the breeze is causing the leaves of the trees to rustle. Smell the dampness of the earth and as you inhale that freshness, taste the purity of the air.

landscape shot of biausevu waterfall in Fiji

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