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As ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ approaches many of us immediately start creating plans to celebrate the festive season and with the spirit of giving comes the Christmas wishlists. I don’t know about you, but every year it becomes harder and harder to gift something that will be truly appreciated by the recipient. With that in mind, it is my hope that my travellers wishlist will help you pick out the perfect gift for any travel lover in your life!

World Map

Gift a world map statement piece allowing any traveller to showcase all the destinations they have already been to or even to help them plan out their next journey!

Product: 3D Wooden Map

Ideal for: Larger spaces (walls)

Where to buy: woodenmapstore.com

Prices from: £107

Product: Interactive Maps

Ideal for: Magnet collectors, Trip planning

Where to buy: futuremaps.com

Prices from: £35

Product: Scratch off World Map Ideal for: Smaller spaces, Secret Santa gifts Where to buy: Various retailers

Prices from: £10

Product: City Silhouettes

Ideal for: Minimalist, specific City

Where to buy: siluet.co

Prices from: £69

Travel Inspired Books

This can be taken in many different ways from reading books to colouring books, but I want to focus on the keepsake books that can be filled with memories from each destination or experience encountered.

Product: The Adventure Book

Ideal for: Scrapbook for personal travels

Where to buy: theadventurebook.nl

Prices from: £30

Product: The Adventure Challenge

Ideal for: Couples, Families, Friends, Solo experience ideas

Where to buy: theadventurechallenge.com

Prices from: £40

Travel Themed Charms & Accessories

A little bit of bling can make any outfit stand out just that little bit more, with options for both males and females, these statement pieces can be worn throughout the year. What better way to profess the love of travel?!

Product: Mantra Cuffs, Bracelets, Keychains, Necklaces, Engraved Travel Rings

Ideal for: Any travel addicts

Where to buy: vagabond-life.com

Prices from: £19

Product: Keychains, Engraved Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces

Ideal for: Any travel addicts, Secret Santa gifts

Where to buy: travellercharms.com

Prices from: £19

Product: Watches, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Gift Sets Ideal for: Any travel addicts, Waterproof Where to buy: woodstockzambon.com Prices from: £18

Versatile Towel

A multi-purpose towel that can be used as a picnic mat or beach towel is something I would consider an essential item for any traveller. One that will also repel sand from sticking is a bonus! Keep in mind the size and thickness when purchasing!

Product: Hammam Towel

Ideal for: Everyday use

Where to buy: lestoff.eu

Prices from: £13

Product: Beach Towel

Ideal for: Travel

Where to buy: uk.doackandbay.com

Prices from: £24

Sustainable Travel Gear

As the world takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint in aid to tackle global warming, one of the smallest contributions we can make is to invest in more sustainable items. You can become an eco-conscious traveller by using items such as reusable straws, eco-friendly shopping bags, reusable make up pads and shampoo bars rather than bottles – just to name a few!

Product: Bamboo toothbrushes, Reusable straws and more

Ideal for: Eco-conscious travellers, Secret Santa gifts

Where to buy: flyingtiger.com

Prices from: £1

Product: Insulated Water Bottle

Ideal for: Eco-conscious travellers, Hot and Cold Drinks

Where to buy: oceanbottle.co

Prices from: £35

Product: Refillable Silicone Travel Bottles

Ideal for: Eco-conscious travellers, Secret Santa gifts

Where to buy: onenine5.com

Prices from: £10

Product: Mesh produce bags, Natural insect repellent and more

Ideal for: Eco-conscious travellers, Secret Santa gifts

Where to buy: wearthlondon.com

Prices from: £2

Power Up!

Keeping phones and cameras charged are typically high priority for any traveller. There have been multiple occasions where there have just not been enough sockets in a hotel room to charge all devices (say you and a friend had a phone and camera each plus any other items that might need a power outlet!) This is when a multi-port USB universal charger would save the day and need I say that power banks can be an everyday life saver?!

Product: LENCENT USB Charger Plug, 4-Port USB Universal Travel Adaptor Plug

Ideal for: charging multiple devices at once, worldwide travel

Where to buy: Amazon

Prices from: £14

Product: Power Bank

Ideal for: Charging on the go, Secret Santa gifts

Where to buy: juice.co.uk

Prices from: £15

Product: Solar Power Bank Ideal for: Eco-conscious travellers, wilderness/on the go travel Where to buy: Various Retailers Prices from: £9

Travel Themed Stationary

Having a note book and pen to note down all my adventures from each trip has helped me to provide more in-depth snippets of each experience, but travel themed stationary can be anything from luggage tags, scrapbooking materials, keyrings, diaries and of course that essential face mask! Don’t forget to add that special touch of personalisation if your budget allows!

Product: Miscellaneous

Ideal for: Secret Santa gifts, Creating a personalised Travel Bundle

Where to buy: Various Retailers, Paperchase

World Globe 3D Puzzle

It’s no secret that sales of jigsaw puzzles soared thanks to the pandemic and as things still continue to remain uncertain, this could be the perfect gift to keep travellers of all ages occupied until their next adventure!

Product: World Globe 3D Puzzle

Ideal for: Ages 3 and up

Where to buy: Various Retailers

Prices from: £15


Know someone who is an aspiring travel blogger or influencer? This could be the perfect gift for them to get themselves seen by more collaborators! It can also be the perfect day out - having someone else capturing memories in your favourite city with your favourite people!

Product: Personal Photoshoot in the location of your choice

Ideal for: Travel bloggers/influencers, couples, families, groups

Where to buy: Book Now

Prices from: £80

Gift Voucher Experiences

Choose between a specified experience (afternoon tea, spa break, cocktail making class etc..) or let them decide for themselves! Any travel lover would greatly appreciate some funding towards a future travel, or it already being paid for them

Product: Experience vouchers, Travel Gift Cards

Ideal for: All

Where to buy: Book Now

Prices from: £35

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the mentioned brands, they really are just great products!

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