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Updated: Oct 15

‘Being’ is about who YOU are. Stop comparing yourself to others! Some may find that ‘competing’ with others motivates them to do better, be better. But it can also lead to a lot of self-doubt. The only competition is the past you, everyone else is simply a distraction. I say this, because there are no two people who are completely identical on this earth! Even twins grow to have different interests and personalities, right?! So why are you trying to diminish the qualities that make you unique when the true power to be your best self is already within you?!

There are 3 steps that often get mixed up with one another which will help you to (re)discover who you are:


This is how you compare yourself to others. Your confidence in your own abilities.

The main point to take away here is that we are all equal. Even though we possess different skills and abilities, all that is required, is that you do your best.

Do not get dragged down by the different levels of power, looks and possessions – who is going to remember you for those things at the end of the day?


This is the feeling of trust you have in your own abilities, qualities, and judgement. What you are capable of doing.

We are all human. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect.

Accept that you are human with flaws and faults, make mistakes, laugh at yourself.

Re-evaluate who you look up to. ‘Attractive’ is a far more powerful word than ‘beautiful’ or ‘intelligent’ when it comes to people.

The underlying principle to attaining self-confidence is to understand that the values that truly count in life are those based on honesty, integrity, kindness and consideration. It is important to affirm your own values regarding life and people before trying to work out who you are.


This is the ability to cope with challenges that life throws at you.

A person with strong self-efficacy is an optimistic and positive being. They believe that they will be successful when carrying out a particular task.

Ultimately, it is understanding that you are worth taking care of. By maintaining your mental wellbeing, you will feel more able to deal with any situation you may be faced with.

You can develop your self-efficacy beliefs by interpreting information from four main sources of influence:

Photo Credit: Pennsylvania State University

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