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Updated: Oct 10

It is said that those who are left-handed are more creative than those who are right-handed because our brains are cross-wired. Meaning that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa.

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There is a certain stigma within Indian culture attached to being left-handed: The left hand is considered unclean because it is the hand used when going to the bathroom, for cleaning one's feet and other “dirty” activities. Therefore, eating, interacting with others and partaking in religious activities should be done with the right “clean” hand.

Well, I say embrace who you are, do what you love and break the ‘norm’!

(some) Rules are meant to be broken, after all!

I have never seen myself as a ‘conventional Indian’ anyway – the type to aspire to become a doctor, accountant, dentist etc… I have always had the freedom to dabble in whatever interests I had, rather than be forced into one direction or another.

And dabble I did! Throughout the years, I have experimented across a range of creative fields – from all things musical to designing – some have stuck with me to this day, whilst others may remain in the past.

I discovered a passion for photography in 2009 and have been practicing my skills and playing about with different techniques, including learning how to edit images ever since. There is something therapeutic about unleashing inner talents, in whatever form we choose, and as I have proven, this (can) will change as we evolve as individuals too.

Over a year into building up my Instagram travel account and writing has become another inspired outlet of mine. So, here we are!

“Life is like a canvas… You are the sketcher; You are the artist; You are the painter. Fill your canvas with YOUR dreams.”Jayaraj Nadar

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