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Updated: Oct 17

If the lockdown taught us anything, it’s the real value of what we get from what we are surrounded by. People, possessions, space… When was the last time you asked yourself "how much do you really need?"

Has a sense of disconnection (from certain things or people) made you somewhat happier?

How many of the clothes you own have you actually worn in the past year?

What were you using on a daily basis?

Did your habits change?

There are people in this world with little to nothing but it is some of those people who are happier than us because they understand the true value of appreciation.

This can be considered as proof that the less you have, the less you need, the less you want.

Whilst those of us who have our basic needs and more fulfilled, are always yearning for more, for better and even though we have the ability to strive for such, at a certain point we fail to differentiate between a want and a need, thus leaving us trapped in a never-ending cycle.

By decluttering the space around you, whether it’s a table or the inside of some drawers, you can also declutter your mind; unfurling a sense of clarity and peace within.

After spending one week without wi-fi, I felt so much calmer and when it was time to get back to the virtual life we have been leading, I felt more productive and energetic. In just one week, I felt a shift in my own space which is something not be taken for granted. Yet it came out of such a simple act of minimalism.

When we get stuck in a rut, we become mindless to what we are trying to accomplish and therefore do not fully enjoy the experience in the present moment.

Through my own experience, I can share that this achievable by you too, so for anyone feeling stuck, in need of change or motivation simply try switching up your routine.

footprints in the sand on Natadola beach Fiji

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