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Updated: Oct 18

As we mark 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the novelty of change and adapting to the times has long worn off. We are all yearning for the return of freedom, of normality.

Many big events such as weddings, significant birthdays and holidays were put on hold, cancelled or down sized. But have you noticed the numerous ways we have started to think about the different kinds of approach to making these occasions equally as memorable, as if we were celebrating as ‘normal’? A lesson to be taken from this is that we shouldn’t focus our efforts into having such big expectations for the ‘big events’ in our lives. Rather, we should pay attention in recognising the small joys in our daily life.

As human beings, we thrive on routine to keep us in form; it relieves the mind from having to put so much effort into the simplest tasks. But, how can we keep life from becoming monotonous? By being present and observing!

By simply focusing on finding something new in our daily routine, we consciously create a fresh perspective to the otherwise mundane tasks we carry out day to day and stop our brains from shifting into a state of autopilot. We realise that there is something to take out of each day, whether it’s noticing something that made us feel happy or positive about ourselves, learning a new way of doing something or maybe even becoming inspired by someone through observation!

Structure enhances spontaneity whilst discovery reinvigorates the routine.


  • Greet someone you see often whilst walking

  • Add a new spice to a dish

  • Notice if you hold your breath at certain points during your exercise and try breathing through it instead

  • Pay attention to the nature around you during your walk, you’ll be surprised at the different types of flowers, fauna and animals you’ll come across

girl walking in Mandore gardens Jodhpur

Whilst the majority of the above examples are based on being outside, we can equally bring the same intentions into our homes. Check out my previous blog post How Much Do You Really Need? for ways to gain peace of mind.

By changing even the slightest thing to your daily routine, you will eventually find the joy in everyday life.

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